Sunday 30 October 2016

A Very Deli Halloween!

Trick or treat! A phrase that is sure to spook out the faint-hearted in you. The town is buzzing with Halloween themed parties featuring ghosts, goblins, fairies, and mystical creatures this time of the year. If you're one not into that kind of showbiz, don't worry; we've got Indigo Deli's special Halloween menu for you!

Indigo Deli has curated an all new menu keeping in mind the holiday's festivities. Along with an array of soups, appetizers, and mains, they have some crazy desserts which will make you salivate just by the names. Another thing we have our eye on are the cocktails. Hallo'wine' frozen Sangrias, Spooky screwdrivers and Devil's margaritas? Please keep 'em coming!

Keeping in mind the versatility of the diners, they have both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options on their menu. To start with, there's soup: Molasses roasted pumpkin with coconut cream and toasted coconut macaroons, smoked bacon and white beans with kale & truffle oil and chilled beetroot and tomato with candied orange skin. Moving on, you can try the Grilled chicken liver, red apple & caramel onion quiche or the herbivorous version - devilled mushroom, roasted corn & caramelized onion quiche.

One thing you definitely must indulge in would be the guiness and cheddar souffle. Savoury souffles may not be common, but Indigo Deli's versions will make you go back for this dish. In the graveyard sandwich section, they have the Spanish ham, gruyere, chunky tomato chutney & gherkins, grilled in homemade rye sandwich.

Next we have the mains. Now this is where you'll be spoilt for choice. With each version seeming to be better than the previous, we suggest you go with a huge group of friends and try each one out. You can choose from Cannelloni of confit cherry tomato, buffalo mozzarella and basil pesto, balsamic butter nage, Parmesan and walnut gnocchi with honey glazed shallots, espresso brown butter, Risotto of many grains with zucchini fritters and mascarpone, Dukkah crusted halibut with olive-chili potato, wilted Swiss chard & Halloween fondue, Grilled pork chop with sage & mustard, creamy apple-polenta, witchy prune chutney, and Bacon wrapped tiger prawns with bloody Mary pilaf, zucchini noodles & celery-cider drizzle.

Now for the most anticipated bit of the meal: the desserts! Dig into a Pumpkin & pecan nut pie or opt for the Mummy spiced pumpkin cookie, take your chances with the Very bloody (cranberry) cheese cake or go indulge in the Graveyard Sundae.

Date: 31st October
Time: All day
Address: All Indigo Deli Outlets across the city

Thursday 23 June 2016

Father's Day Brunch at JW Sahar

Leave it to the Marriotts to make any celebratory day even more special! 

We were invited for a special Father's Day Brunch with our dads this Father's Day at JW Cafe, JW Marriott Sahar, one of the best hotels in Mumbai. It was an event dedicated to our first superheroes and successfully made them realize their importance in our lives. 

Italian, Japanese, Thai, Indian, Continental; name the cuisine and it's there! The ambiance is so peaceful and plush that you won't feel like doing anything but sip on a drink and stare at the greenery outside. The service is no less than what one would have expected at a King's palace; there are people waiting at your beck and call. 

We tried everything we could till the point of saturation and managed to try out all the cuisines. First off, we tried the waffles - 

Waffle with whipped cream and blueberry compote
Look at how perfect that waffle looks! Claiming to be the best waffles in Mumbai, these crispy ones with a dollop of whipped cream and blueberry compote were the perfect way to start our meal. 

Next, we tried the sushi counter - 

Assorted vegetarian sushi
One thing not everyone can master is the delicate art of sushi making. JW Cafe has absolutely nailed it! We tried the 4 vegetarian options and couldn't stop relishing them. Beautifully crafted, all 4 were absolutely delicious and were definitely the star of our meal. 

Then, we proceeded to the live chaat counter. 

Tokri chaat and dahi wada
Tokri chaat
We tried the tokri chaat and the dahi wada. Who doesn't like them some good Bombaiya chaat? They had a huge array of options that one could choose from and then they'd make it for you. We absolutely loved both. Bursting with flavours, this was definitely our favourite counter. 

Then we tried the burger station and the Italian counter - 

Veggie burger
Penne alfredo
The burger we tried didn't please us much, The patty was a bit too dry for us and there weren't any other juicy elements or enough sauces to balance the dish. 
The penne alfredo, a classic, was made to perfection. Al dente pasta tossed with a few veggies cooked in a delicious creamy sauce. 
We also tried their kebabs - our favourite being the succulent paneer one.

Next, we moved on to the most awaited and biggest section - desserts!

Yes, that's how huge the dessert spread was. Spoiled for choice, we indulged in quite a few kinds of desserts.

Our favourites were the motichoor ladoos, delicate macarons, smores brownies, smores cookies, and the rich chocolate cake. 

We would like to thank the entire team of JW Sahar for this wonderful experience and for making our dads feel special too. The team put up a special musical performance using only culinary objects, breaking into a wonderful medley as a tribute to all the wonderful fathers. 

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Tuesday 21 June 2016

Brunching at MasalaBar

The Kalra family is doing what it does best again! 

The 5th brainchild, MasalaBar is up and running successfully since a couple of months as a great place for sundowners due to its magnificent view and has now opened its doors to diners for the early part of the day as well. 

Having been to Farzi Cafe, and Pa Pa Ya, our expectations for MasalaBar were obviously sky high, and MasalaBar did not only manage to meet them bu to raise them even more for the other family restaurants. 

Known for its molecular cocktails and the breath-taking view of the sea, it is the only functional place that runs solely on candles; not even a single light to be spotted. The dim lights overlooking the calm waves mingled with an intimate ambiance make for a picturesque setting.

We were recently invited for lunch. The menu for both is the same and it is open from noon to 3pm for the same. We tried a couple of things, none of which failed to wow us and left us wanting for more. 

Raspberry smoothie
First off, we started with a raspberry smoothie. Simple well-blended and refreshing! The flavoured yoghurt was a great change for our taste buds. 

Then we moved on to the appetizers -

Truffled fries

Kabuli chana chaat
One of the best truffled fries, we've ever laid hands on, the flavour left us mesmerized. Crispy, salted fries with a burst of flavours, topped off with truffle shavings and some cheese, what more does one want?!

The chana chaat looks like a well-garnished version of a normal chaat. However, that's not the case. Chickpeas boiled enough to not break your teeth, but not so much to lose the texture and crunch, tossed with some well-balanced spices and herbs, to have a tangy yet spicy taste, presented in an eye-pleasing manner. 

Next, we tried the puff pastry, with the pan tossed shrooms

Puff pastry, with the pan tossed shrooms
Sounds complicated, looks simple, tastes delicious! Served in the style of a bruschetta, the crunch of the puff pastry with the texture of the shrooms makes for a delicious appetizer that you won't stop after one. The tiny smear of the chutney with the beetroot isn't only for presentation, but it packs  a flavourful punch. 

Next, we tried the carbon pav bhaji -

Carbon pav bhaji - black pav bhaji. Will this ruin your beloved pav bhaji for you? Absolutely not. Don't worry, the food is not burned to make it this way. The edible carbon in it gives it the rich colour. A bit hatke from your regular pav bhaji, this one is sure to make you swoon, The highlight of our meal, this one is not to be missed. 

Then we opted for the caprese goat cheese buns - 

Caprese goat cheese buns
A bit too mild for us in terms of flavours, we missed the zing. However, the buns sure are appload-worthy. The bun itself is so soft, it will literally melt in your mouth. A little bit of some spice or something tangy would've made the cut for us. 

The last dish we tried was the morel do pyaza, wilted spinach, and jalapeno chutney. 

Morel do pyaza, wilted spinach, and jalapeno chutney accompanied by kalonji naan
Paints such a pretty picture, doesn't it? This dish is basically mushrooms sauted in a gravy, cooked wonderfully to reach the point of perfection. However full we were by the end of it, we just couldn't stop digging into this sinful dish. Another one of our favourites, this one stood out for us. 

We couldn't wait till dessert but we've tried the bailey's lollipops at Farzi Cafe and can vouch for that. 

There are just a few times when you are truly satisfied with each and every dish that you have devoured and this was one of those. Every dish we tried kept wooing us and left us begging for more. 

We would like to thank MasalaBar for having us over and for the wonderful experience, and also the Kalra family for bringing yet another brilliant masterpiece to our city. 

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MasalaBar Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Tuesday 14 June 2016

Spring on your Plate!

Mezzo - the word has multiple meanings. But the one I'm going to talk about today simply means moderately/ medium. In today's world of gluttony, everyone needs to learn to eat in moderation and not to your heart's content. 

Recently, we were invited to Mezzo Mezzo, JW Marriott to experience the spring allure by Chef Matteo for his production - Spring on a Plate. 

Every dish put up screamed of spring and burst out with lovely delicate flavours balanced with at least one strong element. It was a set menu and we tried not to overeat with the delicious four-course meal ahead of us. 

Our first experience of spring was ravioli di melanzane affumicate e pecorino romano, emulsione leggera al pecorino semi-stagionato ed "acqua" di pomodoro. 

In layman language, this was a smoked eggplant and pecorino romano ravioli, semi-cured pecorino emulsion and tomato extract. A light appetizer to excite your taste buds and leave you wanting for more, the best part of this was the smoky aftertaste of the eggplant. 

Next, we had the risotto mantecato alle erbe e robiola,

Italians always cook their pasta and vegetables al dente. This spotless beauty was, too. Firm, creamy and so beautifully presented, we enjoyed our spring herbs and robiola cheese risotto to the t. 

Our next dish was Primavera nel piatto - 

This one truly defined the concept of 'Spring on your Plate' for us. The taste of spring included the best of exotic vegetables done in such a pleasing manner. Zucchini flowers, carrots, eggplants, broccoli, zucchini, and the puree of various vegetables, The minute we laid eyes on this, we didn't have the heart to cut into it. 

Lastly, we were served the dessert - Limone e limoncello

Simply put, this dish is lemon in different flavours and textures. For citrus lovers like us, this one was an absolute delight. Lemon puree, lemon cake, lemon cream, crystallized lemon and what not! So many different flavours with a single ingredient. Fascinating, isn't it? 

With that, our amazing meal came to end. We would like to thank Chef Matteo, and Mezzo Mezzo, JW Marriott for having us over and for the wonderful experience. 

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Wednesday 1 June 2016

Dineout smartPay

    What if I told you that you can now pay your restaurant bills in a cashless way? No, I'm not joking. Here onwards you can enjoy a great meal at your favourite restaurant hassle free! How, you ask? 
Dineout is the first table reservation app which will now allow its diners the option of smartPay - a quick and easy way to pay your bill cashless. Another incentive being, paying by Mobikwik will get you an additional 40% cashback in your wallet. 

    Recently, we were invited to Shiro to try out the new smart feature of Dineout. Upon finishing the meal, we paid the bill via the app itself making it a better and smarter experience. 

    It is a leisurely activity with some basic steps. Let us show you - 

  • Make the reservation for your meal on the Dineout App. 
  • Once you're through with the meal and the time for the check comes, go to the Dineout app, go to "You", go to "Bookings", go to the present booking, and in the right hand corner ( as seen in the above picture) will be an option of 'Pay Bill.' Once you select that, you will be redirected to a page that looks like this -

  • Enter your bill amount, and use your Dineout earnings, if any. 
  • The amount will be deducted from your Dineout account or any other wallet you have linked to. Then you just have to confirm and your payment will be processed. 
    That's all! That's how easy and effortless the smartPay feature on the Dineout app is. 

    During this experiential, we devoured a lot of delicious food and some well-made drinks at Shiro. A few of the dishes we tried were the chilli potatoes, mushroom dumplings, burnt garlic rice with thai greens and thai curry and a dessert platter consisting of mango mousse, walnut pie and mud slice. 

Chilli potatoes 
Mushroom dumplings 
Burnt garlic rice with thai curry 
Mud slice, walnut pie and mango mousse
     The hospitality was great, the food as expected, consistent and met our expectations. Our top picks for the night were the green apple and peach mimosa (The Royal Touch), chilli potatoes and the mud slice. 

    We'd like to thank Dineout, and Shiro for the wonderful experience and for having us over.

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Monday 30 May 2016

Mangia Italiano at Fratelli Fresh

For Mumbaikars, the onset of the summer season can only have one upside - the arrival of the king of fruits! So, everyone tries to include the goodness of ripe pulpy mangoes in their meals. Renaissance took this a step ahead and was the host to a wonderful Mango festival entitled Mangia Italiano. 

Mangia Italiano saw the light of day from the 19th of May and pleased diners till the 28th of the month. Chef Cristian Cabrera incorporated and played around with the fruit with some of his Italian specialties. We were invited for an experiential for the same. 

We started off with salad and soup, namely minestrone ortalana, and arborio arancini with Cristian caesar salad.

The Caeser salad was just perfect; a well-balanced salad with some beautiful dressing topped off with some parmesan accompanied by the biggest arancini we've ever laid eyes on. The arancino was well-cooked and served as a perfect appetizer and raised our expectations for the meal. 
The soup, however, was a bit not too suited for our taste. The vegetables inside were really soggy by the time we were able to eat it and hence, ruined the entire texture. 

Next, we tried the Tuscany Primavera pizza.

Trust an Italian chef to make your pizza flawless! Paper thin crust, well-marinated sauce, loads of cheese, finished off with some cheese. Also, we'd like to give a special mention to the special accompaniment - chili oil. The chili oil (above the pizza in the picture) added a burst of flavour to everything we paired with it and made us relish the food even more. 

Finally, we moved on to the most awaited part of our evening. (People with sweet teeth, us!) 

This beauty was entitled the Lombardy mango fantasia. It consisted of a mango cheesecake and a mango flavoured macaron and a few chocolate coated nuts. The presentation was fabulous and the tiny plated wiped clean in a matter of seconds. The cheesecake's texture could've been a bit better, though. 

A huge thank you to Renaissance and Fratelli Fresh for hosting us and for the wonderful experience.
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Saturday 28 May 2016

Smirnoff Bowls over Mumbai!

With the IPL fever hitting everyone, imagine the excitement upon being invited to an IPL themed cocktail masterclass by Afzal Kaba, United Spirits Brand Ambassador on the 10th of May. 

It was held at Please Don't Tell, a pub in Lower Parel, with a mysterious vibe about it. The place was a perfect setting due to the bar area which provided the perfect space for the summer cocktail making session. The evening started with an introduction to the various flavours of Smirnoff - coffee, orange, vanilla and so on. All of them have such prominent flavours that they will leave your smell and taste buds tingling.

Then, Afzal Kaba walked us through the history of Smirnoff and how the revolutionary brand came into the picture. Post that, the audience was explained the basics of cocktail making like stirring, shaking and so on and the fundamentals and reasoning behind the mixology of each drink. Post all this, Mr. Kaba started showing us how to whip up a few summer cocktails. Cocktails like 'Winning Shot' and 'Halftime' made us realize how easy it is to be fantastic hosts during the game season. 

These were a few of the cocktails the host taught us. And, the best part? We got to make them too! Afzal Kaba ensured we learn and made us prepare the cocktails step by step beside him, thus turning us all into some pretty decent mixologists. 

We also indulged in a few appetizers at Please Don't Tell - Paneer 65, bruschetta, and the deconstructed Mumbai vada pav. 

We would like to thank United Spirits, Please Don't Tell and Afzal Kaba for this wonderful and insightful session. 

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